Batali Hill (Pahar) – Chittagong

Batali Hill (Pahar) is located in the center of Chittagong. It is the highest hill in Chittagong city. The height is about 280 feet. Do you think it will be extremely difficult to get up there? There is no reason to worry, those who do not have the minimum experience of climbing the mountain can easily climb Batali Hill. The road to Batali Hill rises at the north end of the Ispahani junction in the Lalkhan Bazar area of ​​the heart of Chittagong city, past Fahim Music and behind the Magistrate’s Colony. This Batali Hill is also known as ‘Jilapi Hill’. The reason for this is that the road up the hill has gone up like a jilapi patch, which gives a different feeling while climbing to the top of the hill.

The highest peak is called Shatayu Aangan. The entire city of Chittagong can be seen from the highest peak of Batali Hill. Going there, you can feel the fascination of the forest. From 2003 to 2005, about 12,000 trees of different species including olive, jackfruit, kaljam, litchi, orange, mango, saffron, sandalwood, coffee and arjuna were planted at Batali Hill; courtesy of Bangladesh Police. Note that Batali Hill is the property of the Public Works Department of the Government of Bangladesh. There are offices of the Ministry of Public Works and several bungalows on different peaks of the hill.

During World War II, anti-aircraft guns were placed on the top of Batali hill. It is a great place to see the city from above.

How to

Bus or auto rickshaw can be used to get to the place of interest. Batali Hill is located in the center of Chittagong.

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Updated: July 20, 2022

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