Bangladesh Rural Development Academy (BARD) – Comilla

Many tourists who come to visit here hear the name of the BARD organization and think that there will be many birds here.Such a name it should be like this. The road is surrounded by shadowy, very deep compassion. Flowers and orchards of various colors on both sides. The BARD is surrounded by the chirping of birds and the smell of flowers. Krishnacura and Rangana are peeking out of the huge green space. This BARD was built by Dr. Akhtar Hamid Khan. BARD is basically a training academy for people engaged in various professions.

Bangladesh Rural Development Academy in short BARD. Such a clean institution, such a beautiful artistic infrastructure, a walkway with a roof to move from one building to another, and a flower garden of various colors is magnificently eye-catching .

The academy is located on 156 acres of land in the picturesque green rural area of ​​Kotbari, 10 km from Comilla city and 3 km west of Comilla bypass Nandanpur on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway at the foot of Lalmai and Shalban hills. The BGB Comilla headquarters, west of the academy; Comilla Cadet College in the south; Shalban Bihar; And the newly established Comilla University; Comilla Polytechnic Institute on the east and Comilla Cantonment on the north.

In my eyes it is a self complete and clean institution. The Bird Campus has a bank, post office, medical center for first aid, VIP suites for 350 people, guest house, forest cottage, 7 hostels including Rani cottage; There are two large cafeterias of high quality for low cost. Shishu Bitan Bird Primary School is the primary school for children; There are sports and recreation centers for recreation, including sports; There is a domed mosque and a modern library.

As soon as you enter the main gate of BARD, you will see a well-decorated mosque. The campus has 25582 trees of 145 rare species. Of these, 61 species have 11449 fruit trees, 43 species have 1286 flowering trees and 41 species have 12847 forest trees. Star apple is one of the 61 species of fruit trees. There is this amazing fruit tree in the mosque premises. The characteristic of this tree is that the two sides of the leaves are two-colored. Which attracts the attention of the trainees who come to BARD from all over the country and abroad. In the quiet evenings, the fox’s hookah hua calls out to tourists / guests / trainees and campus dwellers, but in the morning, the chirping of maby different birds wakes them up. The sight of the lush greenery shimmering in the rays of the sun, it is not possible to understand when the scenary makes its won place on the subconsious  mind.

How to get to Comilla –

Comilla – Comilla station can be reached by train from Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, Chandpur, Noakhali etc., get off at Comilla and come to Kandirpar by auto-rickshaw or rickshaw, then go to the following location and will charge 10 taka per person. Learn about train fares from the railway station’s own website.

You can come by bus from Dhaka to Comilla –

From Dhaka Jatrabari you can come by Asia Transport, Asia Line or Tisha Transport (there are both AC, non-AC), Royal Coach from Kamalapur with air conditioning. Royal Coach is very comfortable but slow. Ride up on any of them, on your way to Comilla  you will see Buriganga Bridge, Meghna Bridge, Daudkandi Bridge and the morning sun on both sides of the road will amaze you. You will not need anything else to please a nature-loving eye.Enjoying the view you will come to Comilla Cantonment or you can get off at Kotbari main road. Rent will be up to 200-250 taka. It will take 2 to 2.5 hours.

CNG to Kotbari from Kotbari main road will cost 20/30 per person .

Bus from Chittagong to Comilla-  

By Saudia Transport (AC, non-AC) come to Comilla’s Paduar Bazar main road and go down to Jangalia, the fare will be 200-250 taka. It will take 2.5 to 3 hours. For the Chittagong residentsthere’s nothing to describe the view around the Comilla-Chittagong road, the two sides of this beautiful road. Anyway, after coming to Jangalia, come Tomcham bridge by Auto rent 5 taka.

Kotbari from Comilla town – 10 km from Comilla town and 3 km west of Comilla bypass Nandanpur on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway at the foot of Lalmai and Shalban hills Kotbari is located .

From Comilla Tomchambridge Chaumuhani, you can go to Kotbari by CNG. Rent 20 taka. It will cross from Daulatpur.

As soon as you get down from the CNG, you will see the gate of the BARD. However, guards will  not let anyone enter the bird without reference. However, it is open for all on national days.

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Updated: October 6, 2021

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