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Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA) is a training and military education institution. It’s a training center for commissioned officers of the Bangladesh Navy. Preliminary training is imparted to those who are ready to become officers in the Bangladesh Navy. It is located in the port city of Chittagong.

The Bangladesh Naval Academy was established with 14 cadets to temporarily train naval officers at the premises of the Jaldia Marine Academy in Chittagong. In 1977, the academy was shifted to Banauja Isakhan, the main naval base in Chittagong. The academy was formally recognized on 2 June 1988 and the Bangladesh Naval Academy at Patenga at the mouth of the Karnafuli River began its activities independently. The academy has been playing an admirable role in the national arena of Bangladesh for more than three decades by training local and foreign naval officers with the motto ‘Fight in the way of Allah’. In July 1998, the first batch of foreign naval cadets started training at the Bangladesh Naval Academy. Palestine, a friendly country until 2009, A total of 36 foreign cadets from Maldives and Qatar have received commissions from here. For the first time since January 2000, 16 female cadets started training at the academy. So far, a total of 54 women officers have received commissions from the Bangladesh Naval Academy.

The Naval Academy provides basic training to Officer Cadets (Higher Secondary Pass) and Directly Admitted Officers (Bachelor / Postgraduate Degree). Among the newly recruited cadets are patriotism, honesty. The main goal of the Naval Academy is to develop a professionally skilled and alert naval officer by combining leadership qualities and training them physically and institutionally. The cadets participate in this academy for 6 months in each term and a total of 18 months in 3 terms. After training at the academy, they sailed for 6 months for practical training as a midshipman. Apart from getting commission, BNA cadets have also been getting BSc (Pass) degree from Bangladesh University of Professionals. Originally, BNA was affiliated to Chittagong University in 1983 for BSc degree. Since then, officers have been pursuing BSc (pass) degrees from National University in 1995 and most recently from Bangladesh University of Professionals since 2008. Officers of Engineering and Electrical Engineering have higher degrees in the University of Engineering / Military Institute of Science and Technology

In addition to cadet training, the academy conducts junior staff courses, branch rank common courses and computer courses. Officers in the rank of Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander participated in the 12-week Junior Staff Course. The purpose of this course is to enhance the professional knowledge and skills of the officers as staff officers and prepare them for appointment to various staff-trainers and captains. Naval officers from the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries participated in the Junior Staff Course. In recognition of the role and achievements of the Naval Academy over the past few decades, the Academy received an honorary national flag from the Prime Minister on 28 December 2003. The Naval Academy has upheld the image of the Bangladesh Navy in the national and international arena.

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The port city of Patenga is located at the mouth of the river Karnafuli in Chittagong.

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