Bajra Shahi Mosque – Noakhali

The Bajra Shahi Masjid, built in imitation of the Delhi Shahi Mosque in Bajra Union under Begumganj upazila of Noakhali district, bears the memory of the Mughal Empire. According to Persian inscriptions on the central path of the mosque, the mosque was built by Zamindar Amanullah in the year 1153 AH, 1139 Bengal and in 1732, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. The mosque was repaired once in 1909, 177 years after it was built.

At the special request of the Mughal Emperor Mohammad Shah, Hazrat Maulana Shah Abu Siddique, a resident of the holy city of Makkah, was appointed as the first Imam of this historic mosque. His descendants are still performing the duties of Imam of this mosque according to their qualifications. At present, Hasan Siddiqui, the seventh male imam of the first imam, is acting as the imam of the mosque.

There is a rumor that if you make a vow in this mosque, you will get good results. So it is seen that innumerable men and women donate money to this mosque every day in the hope of getting rid of the incurable disease. Besides, people came from far and wide to offer prayers in this mosque. Bangladesh Archeology Viva is working to preserve the heritage of this historic mosque and for the rare specimens.

How to go:

From Noakhali District Sadar Maijdi to Sonaimuri any local bus service / CNG auto rickshaw can be reached in front of Bajra Hospital by rickshaw or on foot 200 yards west to reach Bajra Shahi Mosque.

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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