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Bagakain Lake / Boga Lake is one of the few places of interest in Bandarban . Nature has created this lake by pouring water on the mountains at its own whim. This stunning lake is spread over an area of ​​15 acres on a hilltop about 1700 feet above sea level.

The beauty of the matter is not so much unbelievable as it is unnatural. The lake of calm water has captured that colorful color with a handful of blue from the sky. A layer of blue water on the top of the hill combined with the blue sky to create a natural beauty. If you are not fascinated, you can see the combination of sky, mountains and water. Nature has poured a touch of green here. It is as if the whole area of ​​Bagalek has been painted with the stroke of a brush in the color of canvas and nature has drawn watercolors in its own way.

Bagalek is popular with travelers in two ways. As popular as Bagalek, Destination is again a lot like a base camp for Bagalek mountaineers who go on trekking routes through Ruma. This is such a picture that the fatigue and thirst of the travelers disappears in a moment. The fatigue of crossing the impassable path is lost in the abyss of the lake.

All in all, it is like a green land of beauty. Bagalek is also called Dragon Lake by many. It is located at a distance of 70 km from Bandarban district, on the banks of Keokradong hill in Ruma upazila. The lake is surrounded on three sides by mountain peaks. The average depth of Bagalek is about 150 feet. It is a completely enclosed lake.

No water source was found in the vicinity. However, 153 meters below the height at which Bagalek is located, there is a source of a small spring which is known as Bagachhara (Jbala-mukh). The most interesting thing is that the water of this lake becomes cloudy from April to May every year. And along with the lake, the water of the surrounding river also turns cloudy. The reason is that many people think that there is a warm spring at the bottom. The color of the lake water changes as water comes out of this spring. This lake is full of fish and aquatic herbs.

Every morning, evening or night, Bagalek takes on a new look. Its beauty cannot be explained in writing on paper. Unimaginable if not seen with your own eyes. Just as the bright light of the morning gives Bagalek a soft, fresh look, so at night a different magical hand can be seen.

Bagalek at night is completely different from Bagalek during the day. And if the night is a moonlit night, it may be one of the best nights of your life. What a wonderful way to screw people over. On a pitch black night, a crescent moon suddenly bursts into the calm waters of Bagalek with a glimmer of light. The light falling from the moon in the lake water is swaying in small waves in the gentle wind. In such a way that one has to lose oneself. All around is quiet, frozen, uninhabited. When everyone is asleep, the experience of bathing on the bank of Bagalek in that lonely time is different. In the middle of the moment, love will come with nature. Watch after watch will go away, but you have to sit still.

There is an interesting folktale in the local hill villages about the birth history of Bagalek, which goes something like this – “Many, many days ago there was a funnel shaped hill. Inaccessible hills covered with dense forest. People of different ethnic groups lived in the hills. Mro, Bam, Tanchangya, Tripura etc. So cattle and small children from the villages near that hill would often get lost in that funnel shaped hill! A group of brave young men from the restless villages go to search for the cause and find a horrible sighting of Boga living in a hole in the top of the hill. Boga in Bom means dragon. They attacked and killed the dragon. With the death of the dragon, fire came out of the dragon’s cave with a terrible roar and burned the surroundings. In an instant, a beautiful mountain lake was born on the top of that hill. ”

However, the geologists of Bangladesh think that Bagalek is basically a volcano of a dead volcano.

How to get to Bagalek

To go to Bagalek, you must first go to Ruma Bazar. From Bandarban city you have to go to Ruma Bazar first by bus, boat or moon car. You have to reserve a new jeep / moon car from Ruma Bazar to Komola Bazar. However, in the rainy season, landslides often lead to a place called 11 miles. However, in the dry season, the moon car reaches Bagalek. The road from Rumabazar to 11 miles or Kamalabazar will definitely give you a taste of a free roller coaster ride. From the side of Kamalabazar a steep hill rises in the sky, at the top of which is Bagalek.

Bagalek’s guide

You will get a guide from Ruma Bazaar. You need to record your name and address along with the name of the guide in the army camp. Without a registered guide, you will not be allowed to proceed from the army camp. Guide has to pay 300-500 / – per day!

Where will  stay in Bagalek –

There are some cottages to stay in Boga Lake, the boarding cottages of Siam Didi and Laram Bom are famous low cost accommodation. Some cottages build a loft over the lake. You will find food wherever you are, but you have to order what you eat before cooking time. You can contact the following number to book in advance to stay. Laram Bom-01552376551 However, due to lack of network, most of the time it is not possible to connect to the number. A state-of-the-art rest house of the Hill Development Board is under construction here. In a few days, tourists may have the opportunity to spend the night there.

Arrangements for Eating

There are several shops for food including Laram Bom, Siam Bom (local school teacher Siam Didi). 300-400 taka per day for overnight stay and three meals a day.

When will you go to Bagalek?

It is best to go in the winter just to see Bagalek, the hassle is minimal. And if you are thrilled and want to see the true beauty of the mountains, then come in the rain or after the rain. Bagale has an army camp. There is no tension about  security. However, as soon as you reach here, you have to report to the army camp.

Bagaleke must be Obligatory

Wear good grip shoes or sneakers. If you want to cross the Jhiri path, you have to wear sandals with plastic grip. Be sure to carry a backpack and carry as little clothing as possible (trolleys or handbags are impossible to walk on the hill). Don’t take pictures of hill girls without their permission. Under no circumstances should you go anywhere alone without a guide. Take a suitable amount of food with you to walk on the Jhiri road. Because you will not find any food on the way.

Places of interest in the vicinity of Bagalek


Keokradong was once the highest mountain in the country. Its height is about 3172 feet. It is also located in Ruma upazila. If you want to go to Keokradong, you have to go to Bagalek para in Darjeeling neighborhood, it will take about two hours. On the way to Darjeeling, you will come across a shrimp fountain. Keokradong is very close to Darjeeling. Only 30 minutes of trekking can reach Keokradong Peak.

Passing neighborhood

It is the highest human settlement in Bangladesh. Here you will see clouds all the time. You can touch the clouds if you want. A great place to spend a few nights. After reaching Keokradong from Bagalek, 10-15 minutes ahead you will reach the beautiful Pasingpara.


A bombed-out neighborhood about 2,600 feet above sea level. The neighborhood is quite neat and tidy. Thus the bombs(hillsn tribals) in the hills are quite clean. Even at such a height, there is a big playground here. Cold wind blows here all the time. From here you can see the peaks of Keokradong hill. If you want to come here, you have to go to Bagalek first. From there you have to walk for about an hour and a half to reach Haramun Para, before reaching Darjeeling Para from Haramun Para Bagalek. After trekking for an hour and a half from Haramun Para, you can reach Saikat Para. On the way back from Keokradong you can also come back by cycling.

Rizhuk fountain

This endless stream of natural mountain water is located in Ruma Upazila, 66 km south-east of the district headquarters. On the way from Ruma to Thanchi on the river, from 300 feet above the banks of the river Sangu, waterfalls fall this spring all year round. This place can be easily reached from Ruma by engine driven boat. In the Marma language it is called Ri Swang Swang. Ruma Bazar boat rental will be 500 taka.

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