Atkobor – Chuyadanga

The eight graves is also known as Atkobor which is located at Jagannathpur, Chuadanga. The eight graves  are an important historical site in, where the private initiative has preserved the memory of the Liberation War. To be more precise, Razakar Kubad Kha’s magical deception is being caught up in this detention.


On August 3rd, 1971. At the Japur camp in Damurhuda of Chuadanga, a group of liberation fighters under the command of Commander Hafizur Rahman Joarder took up position. A Pakistani broker named Kubad Khan was taken prisoner by the freedom fighters on August 4 in this camp. On the morning of August 5, two Kubad Khan residents arrived at the camp and started spreading rumors that the Razakars were harvesting the village’s ripe paddy. Some freedom fighters headed by Commander Hasan hurried to Bagwan village, located about two kilometers from Japur, as soon as they heard the news. They divided into two groups and moved forward. Then, using an ukating ambulance, the Pakistani soldiers of Natuda camp stopped the freedom fighters. The result was a confrontation between the Pakistani soldiers and the freedom fighters. In this war, eight freedom fighters perished. Later, the residents of Jagannathpur village provided the martyred fighters with mass graves in two pits. Locals refer to this War of Liberation burial site as the “eight graves of Jagannathpur.”


The following eight martyred freedom fighters:


  1. Hasan Zaman – Gokulkhali, Chuadanga
  2. Khaled Saifuddin Tarek – Poradah, Kushtia
  3. Raushan Alam – Alamdanga, Chuadanga
  4. Alaul Islam Khokon – Chuadanga City
  5. Abul Kashem – Chuadanga City
  6. Rabiul Islam – Mominpur, Chuadanga
  7. Kiamuddin – Alamdanga
  8. Afaz Uddin Chandrabas – Damurhuda


The distance between Chuadanga and these eight graves (burial sites) is roughly 30 kilometers. On 0.66 acres of land, the eight-grave complex was first constructed in 1998. There is a two-story building and an open stage in addition to the tomb. 200 images chronicling the ongoing history of the independence movement in Bangladesh are displayed on the walls of this structure. In addition to this, this complex offers residential facilities for anyone who wants to conduct research on the Liberation War. A library is also present.


How to go and where to stay:

From dawn until midnight, a bus travels from Gabtoli in Dhaka to Chuadanga. Rent ranges from 400 to 500 taka. Eight graves can be reached by local bus from Chuadanga city. To stay, you must return to Chuadanga City. Here, there are several residential hotels. The nightly rent varies from Tk 400 to Tk 600.

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Updated: July 2, 2023

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