Arafail Mosque – Brahmanbaria

1662 AD Arafail Mosjid is a historical monument built during the Mughal period, about 1 km from the headquarters of Sarail upazila. To the west is the village of Arifail

This mosque is 70 feet x 20 feet in size. The thickness of the walls is 5 feet 6 inches. The mosque looks a lot like the Taj Mahar due to its architectural technique and unique construction style. The mosque, built over 350 years ago, is an important archeological site. At present, the mosque has been declared as an archeological resource under the Bangladesh Archaeological Department. There are many myths about the mosque. Many people come from far and wide to see the mosque.

Next to the mosque is a huge lake; Whose name is Sagar Dighi. Adjacent to the south of the mosque are two tombs, known as ‘jora kobor(twin tombs)’.

Sarail Baro Bhuiyan, once the capital of the state of Tripura, was ruled by Isha Khan. Many historians are of the opinion that Isha Khan built the mosque and the adjoining tombs at that time. The tombs of Isha Khan’s two wives are ‘twin graves’.

Again, the idea of ​​many, the actual information of the two graves is undiscovered. The twin graves are mysterious for various reasons. This mystery is greatly influenced by a tunnel going deeper than the two graves. No one has any idea where his end is.

How to get there:

From any part of Bangladesh, it is possible to come directly to the highway road junction of Brahmanbaria district by adding CNG. It is possible to go from the upazila premises by rickshaw or on foot.

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Updated: June 15, 2023

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