Andharmanik – Bandarban

Andharmanik is located in the Boro Madak area of ​​Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district. After the big madak, there are no army or BGB camps and they are not allowed to go here for security reasons. Even then, people who love to travel go to Andharamanik in the intense attraction of darkness.

If you want to go to Andharamanik, first you have to go from Dalian Para to Remakri and small Madak to big Madak. After the remakri, very few tourists go that way. And it goes without saying that no one goes to the boro madak. However, one or two people who go, they stop or go by trawler from Remakri. The path can be called off trail. 8 hours walk from Remakri. The 6 hours of which are slightly uphill and down the river bank, but the last 2 hours are bushy mountain paths. Either way, the boro madak has to arrive before evening. Because the last 2 hours of the journey to the light of the head lamp is difficult and risky. And there are some unknown fears.

There is no possibility of seeing any Bengali in this way. Indigenous people also have  not seen here. After Khaisapru and Chakhai, Singafa and Thanda Jhiri meet in Sangu river. After a while, Turg Jhiri. From here the mountain path starts again. The main problem of this hilly path is the pile of dried herbs. After walking in many places, it may seem that there is no soil under the feet. As a result, every step has to be taken carefully.

Boro madak has to be reported to the BGB camp. It is not possible to go andharmanik without their permission. Because the trawler wharf can be seen directly from the camp. There are boats to come and go from Boro Madak to Andharamanik. The rent is about 2 thousand taka. Due to the low water level in the river, sometimes you have to get off the boat and walk. Thus it can take about two hours to reach Andharamanik. The main attraction of Andharamanik is Naresa Jhiri. About 60/70 feet of stone walls on both sides of Jhiri have gone a long way in parallel. It would seem that concrete has been poured on the hill walls on both sides. This is a strange creation of andharmanik. Due to the low reach of sunlight, the place is always dark. Probably this is the reason why the name is Andharamanik. Andharamanik is full of natural beauty of mountains, waterfalls, rocks and green wildlife. Jhiri can be caught and walk for a long time. Clear water. Stone under water. A little further along the main river is the Badur spring.

How to get there

If you want to go to Andharmanik from Dhaka, you have to go to Bandarban first. Bus fares range from Tk 620 to Tk 850. Bus fare from Bandarban to Thanchi is Tk. 200 per person. About 10,000 taka for trawler reserve from Thanchi to Andharamanik. However, going to Andharamanik depends on the permission of the boro madak BGB camp. Travel time is better if it is four days. There are several guest houses in Remakri for accommodation. Boro madak and choto madak can also stay in tribal houses. Food is available at Remakri.  Choto madak and boro madak should be cooked and eaten by themselves.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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