Amiakhum – Bandarban

Amiyakhum is located in a remote place called Nakshiyang in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban. Amiakhum Falls near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border is seen as the paradise of Bengal. According to some, it is the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. The stream is coming down with great speed through the mountains surrounded by rocks and greenery. Milky white foam is spreading and it is flowing on the body of the stone. The rocky attic next door is getting wet in an instant. With the continuous fall of the water and the sound waves of the flow. Leaving the locality and seeing such a scene in the middle of a deep hill, once you see it, it will stay in your mind forever. Nature is sitting in a basket of such boundless beauty in our green Bengal – Bandarban.

Every hill wrapped in green on both sides of the Sangu river seems to be lying in the lap of the clouds. Wonderful sight! It is as if nature has painted the whole picture on the canvas by scratching the brush with its own hands. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

Anyone who sees the position of beauty in Bangladesh is fascinated. Standing in front of such a scene in the middle of a rocky mountain, everyone seemed to lose their temper. At the same time, all the fatigue and exhaustion of coming here by acknowledging the hundred sufferings is lost. Amiyakhum regains its youth in the rainy season. The huge stream goes down at a tremendous speed. He cut the stone and ran towards himself with great speed.

Other waterfalls in the country, which are easily accessible under the pressure of tourists, lose the natural environment of nature. Amiakhum waterfall is an exception in this case. Due to the inaccessibility of the location, the number of tourists is very low. Considering the security aspect, there is some rush on the part of the administration to travel here. Due to that, the natural environment here is still intact. And this land of Bengal has decorated the posara of infinite beauty with the purity of the whole nature.

How to go:

From Bandarban you can go directly to Thanchi by bus or jeep. It takes about 4/5 hours to reach Thanchi. The main task in Thanchi is to find a guide. This time take a boat from Thanchi to Remakri market. Remakri from Thanchi costs 200 taka per person, but if you see tourists, the reserve becomes 3000/4000. If you leave Thanchi early in the morning, then take a walk down to Remakri, the purpose of Nafakhum waterfall. If you walk for about two and a half to three hours, you will get to see Nafakhum. After taking some pictures here, take a rest and go to Sajai Para.

If you start walking from Nafakhum Jharna(stream), you will reach Sajiapara in 3/4 hours. After spending the night in Sajiapara, get up early the next morning and leave Sajiapara with a guide for Amiakhum. In this case you have to pay 500 taka to the guide.

After walking along all the wonderful roads for about three to three and a half hours, you will reach Amiyakhum Jharna(stream). After seeing Amiakhum, go back to Sajiapara. After spending the night at Sajiapara, you can return to Thanchi in the morning.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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