Agunia Tea Garden – North Rangunia

Aguniya Cha Bagan is located in Rangunia on an area of ​​about 3000 acres. About 1500 employees work here. Kaptai has enhanced the natural beauty of the upazila many times over. It is located in Lalanagar union of Rangunia upazila and Wagga union of Kaptai upazila. This garden is a wonderful place in this upazila, people visit here every afternoon. Only green is green and green is the only combination of green that goes to the eye. Agunia Tea Garden is located between Lalanagar of Rangunia Upazila and Wagga Union of Kaptai Upazila. Nature thirsty people visit this garden every afternoon. The garden can be reached by any means of transport from Maryam Nagar station of the upazila via Kaptai Baraichhari Road.


How to go

From the upazila by CNG you have to go 4 km east of Lalanagar Union Beribadh.



Located in Lalanagar, Word 3.


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Updated: June 14, 2023

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