Stay healthy while traveling

Health is the key of happiness.  We go for a travel in a variety of activities. A pleasure travel can be spoiled due to illness. So you need to healthy in travel period.

  1. Keep much needed medicine in traveling. Like Paracetamol, Antihistamines, Antacids
  2. Take your regular need medicine.
  3. Collect antiseptic cream and liokoplasta.
  4. Take some Orasyalaina
  5. Take some fresh drinking water and dry food to avoid food poisoning.
  6. Try to avoid dust. To avoid this you can travel with AC Transport.
  7. If you have Migraine related problem you should take medicine and you can use sunglass.
  8. If you have baby you should take baby food with you. Also you should cautious about their food.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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Updated: March 2, 2017