Thakurpur Jami Mosque – Chuadanga

About 2 kilometers apart Thakurpur Village from Chuadanga City. The annual Isal-e-Chhawab, Hala-e-Jikir, and Orsh are all organized by the locals on the 12th falgun of The Month of Bengal. Older people claim it has been around for close to 300 years even though it is only 88 years old on paper. But the name has also evolved over time. Pirganj is another name for the location that has grown over time. However, local residents’ efforts led to the name change. Behind the name Thakurpur as Pirganj is the enormous Gambhuj mosque. One of those who shed light on the region throughout the ages to spread Islam was Afu Shah.


Although it isn’t specific, the location where he liked to anchor in West Bengal in 1698 was then known as Thakurpur and is now Pirganj. The large mosque is situated here. A saint, Hazrat Afu Shah was. Virtuous. About him, there are many legends. Due to its unique characteristics, it is said that the mosque was constructed in a single night.


This mosque’s original structure was preserved and later updated. The special initiative of the committee members in charge at various points in time has also had an impact on modernization along with expansion. Tiles were used in both the construction of the main gate and the interior decoration of the mosque. An entertaining zikr is held yearly in this mosque.



Chuadanga Village-Thakurpur Post Office. District and Upazila of Chuadanga, 7200 Chuadanga. What to do: You can travel by bus or auto-bike from Chuadanga city to Thakurpur Jame Mosque, which is in Thakurpur village and about 2 kilometers from Chuadanga city.




How to get there:

From Chuadanga station, take the bus, misuk, or easybike rickshaw three kilometers to the west. On the left side of the Sadar road, you must travel to the village of Thakurpur. Sadar road is where Thakurpur Mosque is situated, and anyone can actually demonstrate this.

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Updated: July 2, 2023

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