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Lalakhal is situated in Jointapur Upazila about 35 km away from Sylhet city. The location of Lalakhal is just below the Cheraponji of India. This river is originated from Cheraponji hill and flows through the Bangladesh. This is very suitable place to feel the nature very closely. If you go in full moon you never forget the lovely moonlight. You can see the lot of turning in Lalakhal River. Those are beautiful. If you look at the hill, it seems someone decorated those one by one with his own hand. Cloud are frozen on the hills. If you look at closely, the clouds are tied up and stuck on hills together. Sometimes suddenly it would be unsighted within a moment.

The part of lalakhal near Tamabil Road name Shari River. The most attractive and interesting thing of this river is various color of water. Water of different part of this river be different such as blue, green and crystal. You can reach Lalakhal by boat or speed boat on the crystal water of Shari River. Oh! How crystal the water of Shari, you can see the bottom of the river. You can never back your eyes from this unimaginable scene. Beautiful Lalakhal is more beautiful at night. As there has no resident to stay for tourist, so you have to back Sylhet before night. But you can hire a boat to hangout. The surrounding of Lalakhal in twilight is so much lovely. Why will you miss it?

Hotel or Resort Near Lalakhal

There have some resort near Lalakhan forst one is Northern Resort and another one is Nazimgarh Resorts. Nazimgarh Resorts is near to Lalakhal, which is situated at in Khadim Nogor.

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Updated: July 21, 2017

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