Banghabondhu Safari Park – Gazipur

Do you ever think of a different type of zoo where you’d be in cage and wild animals would move around you? It might be yes and this article is about such place where you’d be in micro-bus ride to view wild animals with natural beauties at Banghabondhu Safari Park in Gazipur, a nearby tourist place from Dhaka.

Banghabondhu Safari Park is one most attractive tourist spot in Bangladesh where you can have the taste of African wildlife.

The place is consisted of around 4000 acres of land in Sreepur of Gazipur and a perfect place for tourism to do research work, watching scenario of natural beauty, Both walking and vehicles option are available for you. The model of Safari Park is taken from Thailand Safari Park, a south Asian Safari Park.

Entering the park, You will great reception from some Tigers, Lions, Kangaroos and Dinosaurs which are actually sculpture. Then you will find the Tiger restaurant and Lion restaurant where you can meet tigers and lions respectively.

You can start your visit from tiger Restaurent which is a very safe place surrounded by hard glasses. Restaurant workers call the tigers and they paying their  heed to them. You have the chance to observe the life and you can hear their roar of Bear, Zebra, African cow, Deer, Giraffe along with 31 species of local and international animals.

When you will see the tigers just by a simple distance of a glass then you will feel the thrill as you feel by seeing the animal based tv channel such like National Geography, Discovery, Animal Planet etc.

There is also a lake which attracts the tourist most for a large number of watery animals and birds. You don’t need to think about your safety in the park because there are enough employees there to ensure the best security for you.

Location of Banghabondhu Safari Park:

Banghabondhu Safari Park is located/situated  in Gazipur  District  which is very near and 43 km distance from capital city of Dhaka. So at first you have to go Gazipur chowrasta, from here you have to follow the road that is forward along the Mymensingh road and directly come to Bagher Bazar.

If you go from Dhaka then the distance from Dhaka to Bagher Bazar is only 40 kilometers. After reaching Bagher bazar please go on the path of west side. On the place you will have rikshaw,CNG as transports to reach at the safari park. From Bager bazar the distance is only 3 kilometers to safari park.

You need only 5o taka if you want to go by bus from Dhaka to bagher bazar and from bager bazar to safari park you have  to pay only 15 taka per person by auto rikshaw.

Entry Fee of Banghabondhu Safari Park:

Age Entry Fee
Adult 50 Taka
Kid 20 Taka
Foreigner $5 that is 400taka in Bangladeshi currency

Educational institution’s Visit the Fee:

Group size or number Fee
40 to 100 members 400 Taka
Member more than 100 100 Taka


*For Educational excursion you have to take advance permission from the park authority.

*you can visit whole the park by transport system, for AC Bus you have to pay 100Taka per person, for kids 50taka per person. Bus will take you into the lion and tigers area with a strong safety

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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Updated: July 15, 2017

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